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Jacquard Wall Hanging Tapestry
Jacquard Wall Hanging Tapestry
Jacquard Wall Hanging Tapestry

Jacquard Wall Hanging Tapestry

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 People who buy mandala tapestries have a general understanding of what they are and what the meaning behind them is, although many more just assume it is part of the ‘hippie’ culture and never give it a second thought. Did you know there is a much deeper, spiritual meaning behind mandala tapestries?

The meaning behind mandala is that it is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism which represents the universe as a whole. Most recently, the term mandala has been used, albeit generically, to refer to any chart, diagram of geometric pattern that is used to represent the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically.

Mandala tapestries are a often used as wall decorations for rooms, terraces, and even as a beach blankets, bed covers, throws and more.

Brand Name: Wave Risk
Material: Polyester / Cotton
Style: Jacquard
Shape: Square
Cleaning Type: Machine Washable, Hand Wash
Design: Aubusson
Use: home wall decor/bed cover


Disclaimer: due to high demand on this one of a kind item, please allow 14-28 days for delivery. We believe that good things are worth waiting, so please be patient!