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Yoga & Fitness Waist Support
Yoga & Fitness Waist Support
Yoga & Fitness Waist Support

Yoga & Fitness Waist Support

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People who want to lose those additional pounds should know the fact that the best way to lose the weight is through regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. There is no other way especially a quicker or a shorter way. Beside this, you can also use some add-ons like this waist support. These add-ons and supplements go together with your regular practise and proper diet. All these things working together will enable you to get your body back into your desired shape. It is also essential to use a waist support if you have back issues.

This waist support has been time-tested and we get many positive feedback about it both from individuals and Yoga teachers. Time to get your back straight!

Gender: Unisex
Brand Name: Maijion
Material: Spandex,Microfiber,Polyester

Size guide (waist):


S            64-72cm/25-28in

M           73-79cm/29-31in

L            80-85cm/32-33in

XL          86-90cm/34-35in

XXL       91-95cm  /36-37in  

XXXL      96-100cm  /38-39in



Disclaimer: due to high demand on this one of a kind item, please allow 14-28 days for delivery. We believe that good things are worth waiting, so please be patient!